On the day when they stepped on the stage, and delivered almost perfectly the fruit of the hard works, they students from HC Class 2019 had successfully debuted on the stage at the Student Activity Centre theatre in the University of Macau.

With the help of the previous two batches, Class of 2017 and Class of 2018, was embellished with the warm-hearted companionship and finished off with their prudence and undaunted perseverance. Under the entangled beams of the neon-lights, the students were at the time the performers of their audience, colleagues of their classmates, and stars of their lives. This night was undoubtedly deemed remarkable to everyone else in the theatre.

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In the encouragement of a big round of applause the talents of the students, including breathtaking singing and dancing, skillful and beautiful instruments performing, and, last but not least, the drama that channeled one talent with another, turning every single student’s effort into a whole, the product of their multiplicity, and the harvest of their cultivation.


The passion and the brightness they had expressed would absolutely put a mark on this special date, the November 16, in the year of 2016, when every student glittered like shiny little stars that, perhaps, marked and represented hope, dreams, and many a great expectation fostered in them.


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