Coming near to the end of semester, the month of April marks not only the accomplishment of an academic year, but also the completion, especially to our seniors, the Class 2017 of an undergraduate career, a journey that now is regarded as their past, from which their presents come, and on which their futures base.

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It is amid this growing melancholy of departure takes place our Sixth Undergraduate Honours Project Symposium. The Sixth Undergraduate Honours Project Symposium was held on April 26, 2017 in E4 building. It is an annual event that is held for the senior students of the Honours College to demonstrate their understanding of perspectives, theories, concepts and skills they learnt and acquired from the course – HONR400 Honours Project, through oral presentations and poster exhibitions.


At the end of this year’s journey the very end of our Honours Students of Class 2017 calls for a full stop, signifies the accomplishment of their undergraduate degree and, nonetheless, a great chance to present the fruit of their Honours Projects to their cohorts, fellow students, and professors.



It is a remarkable achievement, for the Class 2017, to have shown abilities to think critically and to work practically, alongside with the rigor they have demonstrated through the grandeur of their oral presentations and poster exhibitions. The falling curtain marks not merely their success of striving through their years in UM and HC, but also their readiness to start the next page of their lives.

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