The Honours College (HC) is proud of Dr. Ka-Meng LEI and Dr. Boya YIN who, have recently received their PhD degrees. Both are the first batch of HC students graduated in 2012. Our two alumnus receiving their doctorates have marked a milestone for the college in continuously cultivating future leaders and the common goal of making a positive difference to society.

Ka-Meng entered directly the PhD program at the University of Macau after finishing his BSc degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the same institution. He has special research interests on sensors and low-power analog front-end interfaces, analog circuit techniques for micro-NMR, intelligent digital microfluidics platform, and system planning, integration, and optimization for biomedical devices.kameng_demo

Since working on the application of CMOS micro-NMR in 2012, Ka-Meng has published over 10 journal and conference papers, received several academic recognitions like the Award of Scientific Investigation and Technology Development for  Macau Postgraduate from the Science and Technology Development Fund in October and the Silkroad Award of the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC, also recognized as chip Olympics) in January this year, the Distinguished Design Award at the IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference in 2015 and the Best Paper Award at the 5th Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design in 2013. Ka Meng successfully defended his thesis in late September and will officially receive his PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering later this year.

Meanwhile, Boya went on to study at Duke University after receiving her BSc degree in Civil Engineering in 2012 at the University of Macau. Her research interests are in geotechnical and earthquake engineering, specifically on seismic isolation, soil-structure interaction and soil liquefaction. With four years of hard work, she graduated with an MSc degree in 2014 and a PhD degree in May of this year from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Duke. Boya is now working as an engineer in a geotechnical consulting company (RA Consultants LLC) based in New York City.


Congratulations again to our HC alumnus and wish them bright and fruitful careers in the future.

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