♦♦♦ For HC students admitted since academic year 2016/2017 ♦♦♦


  • HC Year 1 students
  • Students have to fulfill the academic requirement of HC and obtain a minimum TOEFL test score of 85 (Except FAH Portuguese Studies and FLL Law students)


Level of Scholarship and Criteria

The eligible students will be assessed and categorized into 3 scholarship levels based on a scoring system, in which students can earn points by their achievements in academic standing, leadership and services. The awardee list will be approved by a panel of the Dean, Honours Programme Coordinator and Faculty Coordinators of HC.

SASC_1* For students who earn Level 2 or Level 3 Study Abroad Scholarship, they may apply for Need-Based Scholarship if they meet the application requirement.


Scoring System

The scoring assessment is based on each student’s achievement in academic and leadership commitment. 

I. Academic standing

  • The College will collect the academic standing of each student upon the end of his/her 2nd semester to give the points that the student earned for Part I. Official year GPA will be provided by Registry for the calculation.

II. College Commitment

  • The College will calculate the score of each student based on their Honours Point record as per the announced cutoff date.

^ Honours Point Scheme is a point-earning scheme decided to encourage students’ active participation and involvement in the college and university events and activities, such that an energetic culture and tight-bonding learning environment of HC would be developed, at the same time to enhance the students’ sense of belongingness to the College.

III. Whole Person Development Award Programme (WP) –Leadership Area  [LINK]

  • Students have to submit the “Student Activity Records” to HC General Office as per the announced deadline.

# The Whole Person Development Award Programme (WP) is an overarching programme organized by Student Affairs Office (SAO) that encourages all UM degree programme students to participate in different extracurricular activities, cultivating their balanced development in the SPECIAL areas (Citizenship with Global Perspectives, Cultural Engagement, Healthy Living, Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork, Leadership and Service), thereby also fostering their habits of life-long learning.


Sample Calculation 


HC will subsidize the following items for all study abroad scholarship awardees:-

  1. Tuition fee at Host University
  2. Accommodation & meal plan at Host University
  3. Health & travel insurance, and other mandatory fees and charges imposed by Host University
  4. Transportation (Round-trip ferry tickets to and from Macao & HK, round-trip air-ticket between Macao & Host University on arrival and departure dates)

Students have to pay UM a tuition of 15 credits during the study abroad semester and the corresponding amount of study abroad fee as per the level of scholarship they earned.

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