It was almost winter time, meteorologically, the time when living creatures prepare themselves for the winter. Some of them hibernate. Nevertheless, the bud of the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) did not cease to flourish and grow.

On November 30 2016, in E12 building at night, the HCSA held a turnover ceremony. It was a special night, signifying the passing of the duty managing the HCSA from Class 2018 to Class 2019. Distinguished guests and fellow HC students in the recent three batched all savoured the chance to present and witness this great event that turned another page in the history of the HCSA.

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Besides, it was also the date to bid farewell and to wish all the best to the students in Class of 2018. The spring semester of 2017 would be their exchange semester in the United States. Former student and the HCSA President, Licca Sin I CHUI, was invited to share their precious experience overseas.


The turnover ceremony was completed as Paul Sheung Yan YIP, the President of the HCSA 2018, passed the stamp of the HCSA to the new President, Miki I Teng LEI, as the new batch presented them farewell gifts. This marked the new board members of the HCSA 2019 is now officially at the helm.


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