Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2010/001 FBA Dr. LIU Ming, Morris
A Piece-wise Linear and Curvilinear Analysis of the Impact of Managerial Shareholding on Audit Fees
RESHC/2010/002 FSH Prof. Christopher KELEN
National Songs of the New Balkan States
RESHC/2010/003 FST Prof. Seng-Pan U, Dr. Sai-Weng Sin
Research and Development of Comprehensive Data Conversion Platforms in Nanometer CMOS Technology
RESHC/2010/004 FBA Prof. HONG Fok Loi, Jacky
Managing Organizational Learning in a Cross-Cultural Context
RESHC/2010/005 FST Prof. SHIM Hojae
Interactions among Petroleum and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons during Their Bio-removal under Different Environmental Conditions
RESHC/2010/006 FSH Dr. CHOU Kwok Ping, Bill
The State Building of Post-Colonial Sinagpore, Hong Kong and Macao: A Search for Identity, Survival and Growth
RESHC/2010/007 FST Dr. SI Yain Whar, Lawrence
Hidden Cluster Detection and Visual Data Mining Framework for Infectious Disease Control and Quarantine Management - II
RESHC/2010/008 FST Dr. SI Yain Whar, Lawrence
Resources Assignment in Business Process Simulation, Performance Monitoring During Process Enactment, and Change Management for Process Improvement
RESHC/2010/009 FST Prof. WONG Man Chung
A Novel Electric Traction Power Supply System Based on Unified Power Quality Compensators in High Power Applications
RESHC/2010/010 FST Prof. YUEN Ka Veng
Continuous Structural Health Monitoring and Ambient Interference
RESHC/2010/011 FLL Dr. Rostam J. NEUWIRTH
Global Governance: Selected Legal Problems
RESHC/2010/012 FSH Dr. Mario WENNING
Recognizing Emotions across Cultures
RESHC/2010/013 FBA Dr. TANG Heng Anthony
Global Governance: Selected Legal ProblemsIntelligent Adaptive Recommender Systems for Mobile Commerce
RESHC/2010/014 FST Prof. SHIM Hojae
Enhanced Biological Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reuse
RESHC/2010/015 FST Dr. CHAO Sam, Lidia
Grammatical Inference for Analyzing the Second Language Acquisition of Spoken Portuguese
RESHC/2010/016 FST Dr. MAK Pui In
Wireless Circuits and Systems for Mobile TV Applications in Nanoscale CMOS

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