Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2012/001 FBA - FNS Dr. Lei Cheuk Hung, Adrian
An Empirical Study on Callable Bull/Bear Contract and informed Trader
RESHC/2012/002 FBA - MGMT Dr. Zenon Arthur S. Udani
Regional Human Resource Development Policies & Strategies for Macao: Nurturing Local Talents & Enhancing Business
RESHC/2012/003 FBA - MKT Prof. Liu Ting Chi, Matthew
The Consumer’s Internet-based Group Buying Influential Factor Model: The Empirical Study in China
RESHC/2012/005 FSH - HST Dr. Akiko Sugiyama
“Music that Travels: A Study of Technology and Maritime Contacts in Macau and the World in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”
RESHC/2012/006 FBA - ACC Prof. Carlos Noronha
Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in China 2006-2010: Evolution, Drivers and Prospects
RESHC/2012/007 FBA - BECO Dr. Lei Chun Kwok, Henry
Inequality, Efficiency and Growth in the Pearl River Delta Region
RESHC/2012/008 FBA - BECO Dr. Qiao Zhuo
Examining the Stochastic Dominance Relationships between Spot and Futures Markets
RESHC/2012/009 FBA - BECO Dr. Jia Yuan
An Empirical Analysis of China Health Care Industry
RESHC/2012/010 FBA - MKT Dr. Joseph Sy-Changco
When and How do Salespersons Spend Time with Customers? An Empirical Study of the Quality of Sales Calls, and it's Impact on Salesforce Performance in China, India, Philippines and US
RESHC/2012/011 FST - Cee Dr. Lou In Chio
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cyanobacteria, Microcystin-Producing Genotypes and Microcystin Levels in Macau Reservoir
RESHC/2012/012 FSH - PSY Dr. John Mark Davis
Cross-cultural Assessment of Executive Functions
RESHC/2012/013 FSH - COM Prof. Wu Mei
Social Media and Viral Marketing
RESHC/2012/014 FSH - CLL Prof. Zhu Shou Tong
A Research on the Possibility of Academic System of New Literature in Chinese
RESHC/2012/015 FSH - HST Dr. Mario Wenning
Effortless Action
RESHC/2012/016 FSH - GPA Dr. Chen Dingding
Does Patriotic Education Promote Nationalism in China? Evidence from A Survey
RESHC/2012/017 FSH - PSY Dr. Charles Mark Zaroff
Standardization, Validation, and Psychometric Investigation of a Pediatric Neuropsychological Test Instrument, the NEPSY-II, in a Cantonese Speaking Population.

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