Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2013/001 FBA-MKTG Prof. Liu Ting Chi
The Research of Relationships Among Brand Loyalty, Perceived Benefit, Attitude, and Purchase Intention with Co-branded Products: An Empirical Study in Greater China area
RESHC/2013/002 FBA-BECO Dr. Yuan Jia
An Empirical Analysis of China Lottery Gaming Industry
RESHC/2013/003 FBA-BECO Dr. Yuan Jia
An Economic Analysis of Individual Gambling Bahavior
RESHC/2013/004 FBA-BECO Dr. Tam Pui San
Globalization, Tourism and Economic Growth
RESHC/2013/005 FBA-AIM Prof. Carlos Noronha
Informativeness of Social Accounting Disclosure: Evidence from an Emerging Market
RESHC/2013/006 FBA-FNC Dr. Lei Cheuk Hung
Liquidity Creation, Banking Reform and Bank Performance in China
RESHC/2013/007 FBA-FNC Dr. Lei Cheuk Hung
Multiple Directorships and Accounting Conservatism of Hong Kong
RESHC/2013/008 FLL Prof. Paulo Canelas de Castro
New Issues of International and European Water Law
RESHC/2013/009 FSS-COM Dr. Chang Wen Yu
Advertising & Childhood Obesity Study
RESHC/2013/010 FSS-GPA Dr. Chen Dingding
The Role of National identity in Chinese Foreign Policy: A Longitudinal Study
RESHC/2013/011 FSS-GPA Dr. Chen Dingding
Public Opinion on Human Rights in China: Internal and External Perspectives
RESHC/2013/012 FSS-GPA Dr. Song Weiqing
Securitization of the ‘China Threat’ Discourse: a Poststructuralist Account
RESHC/2013/013 FAH-ENS Prof. He Yuanjian
How Contemporary Chinese Translators Express Their Ethics: A Corpus-based Study
RESHC/2013/014 FAH-CLL Prof. Xu Daming
The Multilingual Nature of Speech Community
RESHC/2013/015 FSS-PSY Dr. Ku Ho Kwan
What Is so Cool About Having Cool Stuff?’ : School Children’s Motives for Materialism and the Impact on Learning
RESHC/2013/016 FST- CIS Dr. Long Chen
Distributed Multiple-Kernel Clustering and Its Applications in CPS

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