Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2014/001 FBA-AIM Dr. LEE Byung Hee
Financial Statement Comparability and Investors' Opinion Divergence around Earnings Announcements, and Post-Earnings Announcement Drift
RESHC/2014/002 FBA-AIM Prof. Carlos NORONHA
Informativeness of social accounting disclosure: evidence from an emerging market
RESHC/2014/003 FBA-AIM Dr. SAM Kin Meng
An Empirical Study of Online Product Planning and Layout Tools influencing Macau Consumers' Use of Online Apparel Shopping
RESHC/2014/004 FBA-FBE Prof. FU Xiaoqing
Study of CDS determinants and its relationship to financial stability
RESHC/2014/005 FBA-FBE Dr. YUAN Jia
An Empirical Analysis of China Lottery Gaming Industry
RESHC/2014/006 FBA-FBE Dr. YUAN Jia
An Economic Analysis of Individual Gambling Behavior
RESHC/2014/007 FBA-MMI Prof. Mathew LIU
Does CSR initiatives perception enhance customers' preference and repurchase? A cross culture study
RESHC/2014/008 FBA-MMI Prof. Mathew LIU
Chinese Migrant Workers' Adoption of Urban Consumer Habits
RESHC/2014/009 FBA-MMI Dr. WU Jie
The Institutional Environment and Product Innovation
RESHC/2014/010 FBA-MMI Dr. YUAN Lin
Location choice, economic correlation and MNEs
RESHC/2014/011 FHS Prof. TAM Kin Yip
A study of the interactions between vancomycin, nafcillin and biomimetic artificial membranes
RESHC/2014/012 FHS Dr. YUAN Zhen
Identifying the cortical network dynamics of gambling disorders in the human brains using fNIRS measurements
RESHC/2014/013 FLL Dr. LI Zhe
Comparative Research on the Criminal Issues in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
RESHC/2014/014 FLL Dr. Alexandr SVETLICINII
Enforcement of competition rules in regulated industries: the search for the optimal enforcement policy and institutional framework
RESHC/2014/015 FSS-DPSY Dr. KU Ho Kwan & Dr. Charles Mark ZAROFF
The effects of intrinsic versus extrinsic life values on pro-environmental attitude and behaviours in Macao
A History of Western Opera in South and Southeast Asia in the 18th and 19th Centuries

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