Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2015/001 FAH-DENG Prof. ZHANG Meifang
Functional Approaches to Translation Studies: Theories and Applications
RESHC/2015/002 FAH-DENG Prof. LI Defeng
An Integrated Approach to Translation Processes: The Case of 'Explicitation'
RESHC/2015/003 FBA-AIM Dr. CHOONG Kwee Keong
Research in (1) housing bubbles in major cities of China; (2) productivity of major car manufacturers of the world
RESHC/2015/004 FBA-AIM Prof. SHU Lian Jie
A Gradient Approach for Efficient Design and Sensitivity Analysis of Control Charts Under Shift Uncertainty
RESHC/2015/005 FBA-FBE Prof. TAM Hon Keung
Information Environment Changes around A-H Share Dual-listing
RESHC/2015/006 FBA-FBE Dr. QIAN Xiaolin
Systematic Liquidity and Funding Liquidity 股票市場資金供應和系統流動性
RESHC/2015/007 FBA-FBE Prof. QIAO Zhuo
SOEs, Non-SOEs and their performance: evidence from Chinese listed companies during China's economic transition
RESHC/2015/008 FBA-FBE Dr. YUAN Jia
An Empirical Analysis on the Chinese Online Peer-to-Peer Lending Business 對中國網上P2P小額信貸的實證研究
RESHC/2015/009 FBA-FBE Dr. HUANG Bihong
Evaluating the effectiveness of government policies on China's Housing Market
RESHC/2015/010 FBA-HGM Dr. LO Sheung Ting
The Current State of Ethical, Sustainable, and Responsible Tourism and Hospitality Education: An Investigation of Top 50 Tourism and Hospitality Management Programs
RESHC/2015/011 FBA-HGM Dr. TANG Mei Fung
Business Model of training hotel in tertiary education
RESHC/2015/012 FBA-MMI Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCO
Export Organization Capabilities, Competitive Advantage, and Performance: A Dynamic Capabilities Approach, The Case of Philippine Exporters
RESHC/2015/013 FBA-MMI Dr. Joseph Adea SY-CHANGCO
Does CSR activities of the firms facilitate market development at the Bottom of the Pyramid? An Empirical Investigation in India, China and Philippines
RESHC/2015/014 FBA-MMI Prof. Matthew LIU
Does CSR initiatives perception enhance customers' preference and repurchase? A cross culture study
RESHC/2015/015 FBA-MMI Prof. Matthew LIU
Chinese Migrant Workers' Adoption of Urban Consumer Habits
RESHC/2015/016 FBA-MMI Dr. Zenon Arthur Siloran Udani
Gratitude as A Key to Enhancing Interpersonal Relations and Workplace Performance

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