Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
RESHC/2015/017 FED Dr. SHIEH Jin-Jy
A Comparative Study on University Policy of Student Learning Assessment in Different Cultural Contexts
RESHC/2015/018 FLL Dr. Vera Lúcia Carapeto RAPOSO
Medical law
RESHC/2015/019 FLL Dr. Alexandr SVETLICINII
Enforcement of competition rules in regulated industries: the search for the optimal enforcement policy and institutional framework
RESHC/2015/020 FLL Dr. Alexandr SVETLICINII
EU competition rules as legal transplants in the domestic legal orders: policy tools for market regulation and protection of competition
RESHC/2015/021 FLL Prof. Muruga Perumal RAMASWAMY
The Relevance of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) for Macau SAR and other Portuguese Speaking Countries
RESHC/2015/022 FSS-DCOM Dr. CHANG Wenyu
Food Communication and Health Study 食品健康與傳播研究
RESHC/2015/023 FSS-DCOM Dr. CHANG Wenyu
The International Study of Childhood Obesity and the School Environment (ISCOSE) 孩童肥胖與學校環境研究
RESHC/2015/024 FSS-DCOM Prof. Richard FITZGERALD
The Methodology and Approach of Membership Categorization Analysis
RESHC/2015/025 FSS-DGPA Dr. Aleksandra Elizabeth Thurman
The Impact of Domestic Audiences on International Institutions
RESHC/2015/026 FSS-DPSY Dr. GUO Tieyuan
Cultural differences in impression formation
RESHC/2015/027 FSS-DPSY Dr. CHI Peilian
Stigma, Resilience, and Mental Health Among Mainland Migrant Workers in Macau
RESHC/2015/028 FSS-DPSY Dr. Brian James Hall
A longitudinal assessment of the dynamic interplay between mental and physical health and social network supports
RESHC/2015/029 FST-DCEE Prof. YUEN Ka Veng
Online Structural Identification with Consideration of Outliers
RESHC/2015/030 FST-DCEE Dr. ZHOU Wanhuan
The Load Transfer and Deformation Mechanism of Geosynthetic Reinforced Pile Supported Embankment 樁承加筋路堤荷載傳遞及變形機理研究
RESHC/2015/031 FST-DCEE Dr. ZHOU Wanhuan
A real-time monitoring and safety warning system for ground excavation based on optical fiber sensing technology 基於光纖傳感技術的地下開挖工程即時監測及安全預警系統
RESHC/2015/032 FST-DCIS Prof. VONG Chi man
Efficient and Parsimonious Modeling by Sparse Bayesian Extreme Learning Machine

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