Internship Vacancy Ref. no. Faculty Mentor/ Project Title
CLOSED RESHC/2016/001 FAH-ENG Prof. ZHANG Meifang
Functional Approaches to Translation Studies: Theories and Applications
CLOSED RESHC/2016/002 FBA-FBE Dr. LEI Chun Kwok, Henry
The spatial pattern on the efficiency and competitiveness of China’s tourism sector
CLOSED RESHC/2016/003 FBA-FBE Prof. TAM Pui Sun
The nexus of financial development and economic development
CLOSED RESHC/2016/004 FBA-FBE Prof. TAM Pui Sun
The question of the commons for Macao’s tourism industry
CLOSED RESHC/2016/005 FBA-HGM Dr. LO Sheungting, Iris
The Current State of Ethical, Sustainable, and Responsible Tourism and Hospitality Education: An Investigation of Top 50 Tourism and Hospitality Management Programs
CLOSED RESHC/2016/006 FBA-MMI Prof. Matthew LIU
The impact of brand equity on brand attitude and purchase intention from hotel customers’ mindset perspective
CLOSED RESHC/2016/007 FBA-MMI Prof. Matthew LIU
Investigating antecedents-brand experience model: Case from catering industry
CLOSED RESHC/2016/008 FBA-MMI Prof. Matthew LIU
An emprirical study about how social media marketing affect brand attitude and communication effectiveness
CLOSED RESHC/2016/009 FBA-MMI Dr. Zenon Artuhur Siloran UDANI
Gratitude as a key to enhancing interpersonal relations and workplace performance
CLOSED RESHC/2016/010 FBA-MMI Prof. Jie WU
China Innovation Drivers
A Longitudinal and Cross-Cultural Study of Health Literacy, Behavior, and Environment
CLOSED RESHC/2016/012 FBA-HGM Dr. Siu Ian SO
Understanding Generation Y’s Social Media Usage and Travel Related Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study
CLOSED RESHC/2016/013 FHS Prof. Edwin CHEUNG
Functional analysis of the oncogenic factor, AP-2gamma, on Eralpha transcriptional activity and breast cancer biology
CLOSED RESHC/2016/014 FHS Prof. Guokai CHEN
CLOSED RESHC/2016/015 FLL Dr. SOU Kin Fong
The Study of the Reformation of the Legal System of Macao Premises Tenancy
CLOSED RESHC/2016/016 FLL Dr. Vera Lúcia C. RAPOSO
Medical liability, medical acts and patient's safety. How can the legal and judicial experiences worldwide

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