Short description of project
This project examines the impacts of cross-listing on stock market information environment, using a sample of cross-listed Chinese A- and H-shares. It focuses on the Chinese A- and H- share cross-listing for several reasons: first of all, impact of cross-listing on the information environment varies across countries, cross-listing in the U.S. can produce different results depending on a country’s home environment, like country’s economic, legal, and political infrastructures etc. (Fernandes and Ferreira, 2008) Focusing on one country avoid to control for those country level factors and provides a clearer picture.

The unique A- and H- cross-listing provide an ideal experiment to test the changes of information environment, because the China A-share markets and Hong Kong markets are segmented and no arbitrage between two markets. Given the raising role of emerging markets in the global financial markets (like IPOs of US left behind, Doidge, Karolyi, and Stulz, 2013), and China is one of the largest emerging markets, the findings of this study help to understand the behavior of analysts in emerging market.
Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 2 - 50 hours
Commencement Month
6 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
• Study of academic articles and literature review
• Data collection from Bloomberg and Datastream
• Data management using Stata

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