Short description of project
Being capable and doing good have been very important for business corporations. Developments in these areas have led to close attention being paid to what is now coined as corporate social responsibility (CSR) (Schmeltz and Denmar, 2012). Corporations increasingly integrate CSR programs into their business strategies in efforts to generate branding benefits (Hoeffler and Keller, 2002). Kolodinky et al. (2010) found that customers' positive attitudes toward corporate social activity could affect their perceptions and behaviors. Although how CSR influence customers was discussed by some previous studies (e.g. Galbreath, 2010), we cannot find many studies focusing on perceptions associated with CSR initiatives with samples from different countries- no mention a comparison study. The study aims to investigating how perceptions associated with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives influence customers' preference and repurchase intention in a controversial consumer market. The mediating effect of preference between perceptions of CSR initiatives and repurchase intention is also studied through the study. The cross culture comparison (e.g. among China, Japan, Thailand) in Asian context will be provided as well.

This study aims to verify the relationship among CSR initiatives perception, brand preference and repurchase intention in the context of Asian market. Besides, this study aims to discover a mediating effect of brand preference between CSR initiatives perception and customers' repurchase intention, if available. In addition, this study tries to offer a cross culture comparison to see possible different brand preference and repurchase intention from consumers in different countries caused by CSR initiatives perception.
Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 3 - 60 hours
Commencement Month
6 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
- All HC students are welcome. Marketing or management majored student who equipped with advanced marketing/management knowledge & good research potential is most preferred.
- Strong self-discipline, academic driven mind, humble attitude, and hardworking passion to research project related affairs are necessary.
- Average English speaking is accepted. Excellent English & Chinese reading/writing abilities is compulsory. (a) Literature collection & reading, (b) intensively translation, (c) essay writing (both English and Chinese) are major tasks for the internship. Training to develop research ability will be provided, e.g. learning how to conceptualize a research idea; how to utilize basic data analysis skill; how to write a good essay.

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