Short description of project
Developing products and understanding the unique demands of bottom of the pyramid (BOP) or subsistence consumers continues to be a significant challenge for marketing managers (Prahalad 2012;Viswanathan et al. 2011). The majority of marketing strategies are designed for the average consumer and marketing managers can fall into the trap of assuming that what works for the average consumer will work for all consumers (Meuter et al. 2005; Rogers 2003). However, this strategy will likely fail in China where the idea of an 'average' consumer is better thought of as a statistical convenience rather than a demographic reality (Zhou et al. 2010). Realizing this sociodemographic reality, marketing research has addressed the marketplace behaviors of rural and urban Chinese consumers. However, marketing research has yet to address the consumer habits of Chinese migrant workers who live and work in urban China. The present study plans to conduct semi-structured interviews with over 1,000 Chinese migrant workers to identify factors (e.g. internal-biological and cognitive resources- or external- social and economic resources-) influencing their adoption of urban consumer habits by using a structural equation model.
The goal of this research is to identify key factors affecting Chinese migrant workers adoption of urban consumer habits. The present research aims to re-conceptualized sociodemographic factors such as age, education, occupational status, and income, as key measures for the resources needed for habit adoption amongst BOP consumers. The expected re-conceptualization may add to the literature on habit adoption (e.g., Wood and Neal 2009) and the acculturation of BOP consumers (e.g., Penoloza 1994; Üstüner and Holt 2007) by offering a more nuanced understanding of the resources affecting habit adoption amongst BOP consumers.

Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 3 - 60 hours
Commencement Month
6 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
- All HC students are welcome. Marketing or management majored student who equipped with advanced marketing/management knowledge & good research potential is most preferred.
- Strong self-discipline, academic driven mind, humble attitude, and hardworking passion to research project related affairs are necessary.
- Average English speaking is accepted. Excellent English & Chinese reading/writing abilities is compulsory. (a) Literature collection & reading, (b) intensively translation, (c) essay writing (both English and Chinese) are major tasks for the internship. Training to develop research ability will be provided, e.g. learning how to conceptualize a research idea; how to utilize basic data analysis skill; how to write a good essay.

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