The sun glowed bright and shone warmly on the students as the chatter rang around the bus station. The September Wednesday afternoon grew warm, yet the students were no less happy, joking to one another while waiting for the bus to come.

The Honours College Student Association has cooperated several times before the day with the Against Child Abuse Association Macau, and so the center once again opened its doors on the September 23 to welcome participants from the Honours College to come and visit.

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The students, having arrived in Taipa by bus, walked to the center which is located near the Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau. Of course, being of the younger generations, they did not hesitate to gather for a group photo before going in.

The head of the Center, Miss LEI, warmly received the students and gave a small talk to the participants about their work, mission and vision in Macau. Students, interested in the initiatives and work of the Association, also enthusiastically asked questions, which Ms. LEI promptly replied.

After the talk session the head also spent some time with some of the participants who went around the center and saw some of their facilities. The visit ended with a group photo, and students left with their friends walking into a Taipa in twilight.

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