The city is cloaked in a shroud of neon lights, each giving off their glow in the dark hours of night. People walked about the casinos, buses coming in and going out, the hub never seems to sleep. This is a Macau of the tourists, yet no one would ever talk of the Macau that once belonged to the locals.


To provide a better perspective on the to  pic, the Honours College Student Association invited Prof. Timothy SIMPSON to lead a forum themed “The Consequences of Tourism on Macau’s Urban Life”, on the recent explosive developments and its effects on Macauon Oct 5, 2016. During the course of the talk, Prof. SIMPSON covered various topics, ranging from the foundational concepts of the “megacity” phenomenon to the more complex ideas of “Fictitious Urban Development” and the supposed largest “indoor phenomenon” in Cotai. The students listened attentively and asked questions about cultural identity, economic limitations, and societal development.


To live in a place without knowing it is to look without seeing, and to form leaders, one must first become aware of his or her surroundings, and the Honours College is no less conscientious in forming student leaders that has an eye for their surroundings, an eye for the world.


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